Friday, July 17, 2009

A house! A house? Oh my, I just bought a house.

So I found a house made an offer and it was accepted today!!!!
I'm sure you wondering how I did meeting my requirements

From list one:
Big Window, check- in the living room, dining room, family room and studio/spare bedroom
Room for a hammock, check- in the little back yard or next to the studio
Dark backyard, check-some big old trees and a neighborhood street
Entrance without stairs, check-the front door you can just walk right in
Master Bedroom window, check-a quiet street that has very little traffic
Trains not close, check-but not to far either, about a mile to the closest station
Storage, triple check-basement garage and attic
place for bike, check-that would be in the garage
Garden, check-there's a small space for flowers, and a good spot for some other things to grow
Dog friendly, check-small back yard easy to enclose
Location, check-4 miles less to work, 3 miles from church, 15 minutes from family
Comfort, check-when looking at the house, it was the first house my mom liked enough to sit down in

On to list two:
Smoke free, check-enough said
Deck, Patio, or Porch, double check-patio out back, porch off of studio
Fireplace, check-one in the living room
Light, check-why do you think I'm making the spare bedroom a studio
Green, OK, room for improvement but lots of light gets in through double pained glass
Widescreen TV, check-most likely will go in the family room when I get one
Three bedrooms, check-Master, guest, and studio
Laundry, check-stackable but right now is just off the kitchen which is kind of weird
Hill, OK, not obviously high, but next street over is definitely downstream
Non shared driveway, check-hedge needs to be trimmed at the edge but it's all mine
Room, check-so much room I'm going to need more furniture
Prayer space, check-I'm thinking by the front window in the dining room

Another bonus I just discovered 4 Starbucks within 3 miles!


ucharlie said...

All the Best for you and you know we will support you in everything you do.


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susie said...

Hooray... can't wait till the moving/painting party!